Photography by Killy Photography

15" x 11" x 4"


T.N.S. Tyler II

The Art of :

   With the loss of the Tyler the Texas Navy quickly sought a replacement with the commissioning of the Tyler II. A faster ironclad with heavier firepower and thicker armor. The Tyler II is most notably known for the Battle of the Ebony Passage. 
   In an effort to strengthen the blockade of the coast, the Mexican Navy enlisted the services of the First Society of Thieves (FSOT) which was a notorious band of pirates known for terrorizing the Carribean. Their large and powerful looking ships would convince many victims to surrender without firing a shot. 
   In the Battle of the Ebony Passage, the Tyler II was caught by 25 ships from the FSOT trying to provide a diversion for the T.N.S. Savannah on a blockade run. Legend has it that the young Texas Captain stated, upon seeing the 25 ships and his ultimate demise, “We’re from Texas boys, we don’t ever back down from a fight!!!” He then unleashed his massive 50 pound cannons. Within 15 minutes, 20 FSOT ships were in the process of sinking, 3 were heavily damaged and waving the flag of surrender, and two were in retreat. It turns out that the FSOT ships were all about presentation and no real teeth. The armor on the ships was imagery and actually paper thin and the cannons were only 6 pounders and could not penetrate the Tyler II’s armor. The destruction of the FSOT fleet effectively ended their reign in the Carribean. 

Michael Horvath