T.N.S. James Bowie

The Art of :

Michael Horvath

Most arguably the “meanest” ship in the Texas Navy. One of the smaller submarines in the fleet but it had a distinct reputation of pushing the envelope of what could be done.  The Bowie was known for redefining a fight, In the Battle of San Luis Pass, accounts have it that the submarine was out of torpedoes, out of fuel, taking on water from a depth charge barrage and running low on air. Everyone believed that it would be forced to the surface to surrender. Instead, the Bowie positioned itself directly under the Mexican battle cruiser Monterrey. It then performed an emergency surface maneuver that propelled it to the surface. It came up with such force that it split the battle cruiser in half sending both ships to their watery grave.

7" x 13.5" x 3.5"