Michael Horvath

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Considered the most ambitious project undertaken by the Texas Navy, the Comanche was considered the ultimate in technology. Modeled after the famous Saturn V rocket, it exceeded it in range, payload capacity and was considered fully reusable. The Navy saw it as a game changer when it came to projecting power. Unfortunately, in a cost saving venture, the Navy hired an outside contractor to operate the large crawling launch tower and drive it to the final launch area. In an unfortunate series of events, the contractor's driver decided that he needed to visit the toilet facilities while the launch tower was headed to the launch area 3 miles away. Since the crawler moved at 1/2 a mile per hour, he felt he had plenty of time to make a quick visit without anyone noticing. In what he thought was a stroke of genius, he left the launch pad in gear while he made his visit. Unfortunately, the driver became enamored with his own physique and ended up staring at himself in the mirror and losing track of time. When he emerged from the restroom 8 hours later, the Comanche was nowhere to be found. It is believed that the rocket drove straight into the ocean but no sign was ever found..

T.N.S. Comanche

56" x 12" x 18"

Photography by Killy Photography‚Äč