Michael Horvath


T.N.S. Clute

The Art of :

10" x 15.5" x 4"

Typical of many of the work horses in the Texas Navy. The Clute was stationed at Pelican Island and had the task of moving many of the various types a ships, particularly, relocating the submarines stationed at the base on the island. The Clute's notable distinction was in the Champagne War, when it took advantage of the blind spot at the stern of the French battle cruiser,  Charles de Gualle. The de Gualle had been spending the better part of a week inflicting severe damage on the shore batteries. The Texas Navy noticed that the gun design of the French warship prevented it from firing directly behind. Typically this was not a problem since the French warship could generally out maneuver any other ship and place it's artillery in a position to fire. The Clute used its superior maneuvering skills to position the itself behind the de Gualle. It then fired an explosive harpoon into the ship stern and used it's superior towing capacity to drag the de Gualle to a stop. The shore batteries then quickly zeroed in on the ship  and promptly sent the French cruiser to a watery grave.