Michael Horvath

26" x 24" x 13"

T.M.S. Karankawa

The Art of :

Seeing the need to maintain a stable fuel source for its growing fleet, the Texas Navy established a top secret project to convert sea water to diesel fuel. Unfortunately it required the tremendous pressures found in water over 20,000 feet deep. To place the special conversion units, the Texas Navy developed a massive floating crane. Also, with the mounting losses from the continued skirmishes with the Hungarian Navy, the Texas Navy needed a deep ocean salvage vessel. The result was the Karankawa which not only had the capability of setting the conversion plants on the ocean floor but also had the ability to lift a full size battleship or aircraft carrier from depths as great as 40,000 feet with the help of one of it’s mini-subs. Unfortunately, the Karankawa did not move quickly, given it’s large size and some would say undersized engines, and was last seen trying to ride out the treacherous Hurricane Michelle. 

Photography by Killy Photography