Michael Horvath

The Art of :

13" x 27.5" x 5.5"


The dreadnought battleship was a 75th Anniversary gift from the United States. Based on the hull design of the T.N.S. William Barrett Travis, the Texas Navy saw it as a way to bolster their presence in the Gulf. It was during one of these "show of force" trips that the Ross was caught up in the Spanish American War flare up. Caught off the coast of Cuba by the Spanish quick reactionary force, the Expreso de Federal, the Ross was in a pitched battle where legend has it that the ship fought continously for four long days. Eye witnesses stating that the damage was so extensive that it appeared that everything above the base hull had been essentially removed from the severe pounding it received. Reports have it that it vanished behind a fog bank on the fifth day to never

T.N.S. Lawrence Sullivan Ross