23" x 12" x 5.5"

T.N.S. Stephen Fuller Austin

The Art of :


Michael Horvath

Originally seen as the flagship for the Texas Navy. It is best remembered for it’s role in the Port O’Conner Pigeon Shoot. With the French Navy looking to establish a beachhead just north of Port O'Conner, the Texas Navy rushed all available assets to the area to assist the land forces in repelling the attack. With the help of heavy fog and rough seas, the advance attack planes from the Austin caught the French fleet flat footed and incapacitated all 3 carriers within minutes. With the French fighters and bombers now pinned between the planes from the airship T.N.S. James Stephen Hogg and the Austin to their rear and the Texas Air Force in front, they were decimated without a single aircraft surviving. Unfortunately for the Hobby, this was her last great battle. She was retired shortly after and was later sold to the island nation of Haiti to be used as a Caribbean cattle hauler.