14" x 15" x 19"

With the loss of the Savannah and the Elyssa, the Texas Navy struggled against the Mexican Blockade. In an effort to bolster its abilities, the Texas Navy purchased the T.N.S. Stella. It was outfitted with 50 pound cannons instead of the traditional 36 pounders. It was also revolutionary in that it carried two 400 pound cannons. Unfortunately, this made the ship slower and somewhat top heavy. However, the massive armament meant that any ship deciding to engage in a gun battle was assured defeat. Unfortunately, the ambitious and infamous Admiral Benard Madoff decided to use the ship for his own purposes and raid the Mexican Treasury. He lay siege to the fort at Vera Cruz where a majority of the gold in Mexico was stored. All that is known from that point is that the fort was leveled to the ground without a trace of gold in sight and no one has seen or heard anything of the gold or the ship.

T.N.S. Stella

Michael Horvath

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Photography by: Killy Photography