Michael Horvath

The Art of :

11" x 20" x 4.5"


Nicknamed the “ Tennessee Wolf”, the ship was known for it’s exceptional speed and maneuverability while also delivering a deadly punch. As a gift from the State of Tennessee, the destroyer represented the long entwined  history of Texas and Tennessee.  The Crockett was one of the few battle tested warships in the Texas Navy  and it is believed that it alone sunk 10 of the 42 Mexican warships lost in the Battle of San Luis Pass. There are conflicting stories as to what happened to the Crockett. Some say that the ship was sunk at the mouth of Galveston Bay, others say it was captured by the Mexican Navy, and others believe that the ship slipped away. No one truly knows since nothing was ever found. 

T.N.S. David Crocket