T.N.S. William Barret Travis

13" x 27.5" x 5.5"


Michael Horvath

The Art of :

The pride of the Texas Navy. One of the few in its class as a mighty dreadnought battleship. She was a major force in a number of armed conflicts, at least until the Battle of San Luis Pass. With the knowledge that the Mexican Navy was looking to make a major assault on the island city of Galveston, the Texas Navy positioned the Travis along with the submarine, T.N.S. James Bowie and the destroyer T.N.S. David Crockett in a blocking maneuver at San Luis Pass. With a limited number of warships to hold a key port, the Texas Navy was forced into a hopeless situation knowing that the loss of the three ships was inevitable. Legend has it that the battle raged for over 12 hours with the Mexican Navy losing 28 warships and 15 support vessels, most notably being the Battleships Veracruz and Acapulco. The devastating battle demoralized the Mexican Fleet forcing them to look for alternatives. Mariners say that periodically, on foggy evenings, the Travis can been seen prowling the waters of Galveston Bay.